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  • How to meet the different needs of customers

    Hello everyone, I’m Zorro from HICON POP DISPLAY LTD, I’m responsible for marketing and sales. Now I would like to present a small case to show how we serve our customers. The customer Ann has a British company that produces and sells high-end toys. We was required to produce the sample according to their original drawings. However, Ann asked us to improve some structures after she saw the finishe...
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  • Big Sale for 375 pieces of quality acrylic knife box

    In order to ship our inventory, we are ready to sell 375 pieces of such European quality standard acrylic knife box at AMAZING PRICE. The estimated price is ONLY US$10 for each box. But this price is only valid during Aug. 23th, 2019~ Sep. 30th, 2019. The original price was US$15. We can print your logo and advertisement on the acrylic display case and carton box. You are not spending money but sa...
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  • Pink Gift Display Stand

    Almost all girls love pink color, especially little girls. They are born to love pink. So is my little girl. Maybe you or your girls also love pink color. Today, we are going to introduce a pink color gift and accessory display rack. This pink display stand was customized for an Australian client. They sell gifts, toys and other accessories for little girls. This pink display rack is big enough to...
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  • Special Marathon Journey

    Marathon is a very popular international long-distance race. The whole distance is 42.195km. It’s divided into Full Marathon, Half Marathon and Quarter Marathon. We came to ZhaoQing last Saturday afternoon. Marathon race would start at Sunday 7:30am, so we could have some rest and enjoy the scenery. By the way, the five-star hotel arranged by our company is very comfortable. On Sunday morning, Ste...
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  • Gary's Visit

    Before Gary came to our factory, Jessie already had very deep impression about him. Because he does something different. What is the difference? You will know it after see this picture as following. This picture and words touched Jessie’s heart. "……To us, a successful business involves not only being profitable and providing a quality service, but contributing to the communities around us." Gary h...
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  • One Structure of Clothes Display rack

    There is one clothes display rack prototype in our warehouse. And the structure is special, so I want to share it with you. This rack is made by MDF+ metal + wood pegboard. The structure is stable and the color combinations work well, so it makes people feel comfortable. The machine laser logo directly on the MDF advertisement board. Do you know how this personalized wood logo is fixed? It doesn’t...
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  • Tom's Visit at 8th of Oct., 2018

    8th of Oct. was the first day after we returned from National Day Holiday. Tom could not wait any more to visit us and check the metal display stand order for his new Golf Bag business. Once Tom arrived at our factory, he started to check one finished display rack. Firstly, he tested his bag on the hooks. It works very well. Tom thumbed up and said "You really did a good job. Well done." Then he a...
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  • A Special French 'Grandpa' Joseph

    Yesterday, Jessie and Steven went to the station and picked up a new customer as usual. But when they saw Joseph walked out from the exit, they felt very surprised to see an old gentleman who speaks French only. When Jessie talked to Joseph and surprisingly found that Joseph is 71 years old. What’s more, Joseph visited China 45 years ago. He should be the oldest customer who had visited our factor...
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  • Movable Display Quadricycle

    Hello, I am Zorro. It’s been a long time no see. Now I want to share a interesting displays. This is a movable display quadricycle. Have you even seen a display of this type? Yes, we may saw such goods tricycles in the street, but I guess not many people have seen display quadricycle. So let me to introduce this big guy. It consists of 3 parts—— a sunshade roof, quadricycle body and 4 wheels. The ...
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