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  • Clayton's Visit
    Clayton's Visit

    On June 29th, Jessie and Steven came to workshop early at this Saturday morning. They were very excited and happy. Because they would meet Clayton who is a good customer as well as an old friend. Clayton is from Australia. He is a boss and a designer who has rich professional experience in display business. Clayton knows China well. He comes to the near metro station by himself instead of picking up from airport. He is very strict in choosing suppliers, Hicon is the one that he trusts. It was the third meeting with Clayton, Jessie and Steven met him 2 years ago. The appearance changed, but they were still so close from the first eye contact. Clayton came to Hicon POP Displays limited, not only for meeting old friends, but also for the pre-production sample of the tool display rack. When he entered workshop, he checked the sample carefully with his professional knowledge. He tested the carton package after checking structure, dimension, function and appearance of the tool display rack. Due to the display rack is large, it is knocked down into 2 cartons. Generally speaking, Clayton was satisfied with the sample, only the package should be improved.  “ We will make the inner foam bigger to fill the wire basket and leave 6 holes in the outside cartons during the mass production. So the cartons will be lifted by two people. The mass production will be finished with 10 days after the pre-production sample is approved.” Steven said. Clayton nodded and was surprised with the production speed. Steven and Jessie invited Clayton for lunch after sample inspection. They shared a lot during the lunch, sports, work, daily life and food. Clayton also shared how he made more success in his business. Clayton is not only the business partner for Hicon POP Displays limited, but also a friend for Jessie and Steven. They have confidence that they will have more cooperation in the near future.

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  • Tues' Visit
    Tues' Visit

    In the morning on Tuesday, September 11th, Steven and Jessie met Ricky and Tues. They had a nice talk before visiting the factory. Tues is from Holland. He is the boss of a famous Dutch watch brand. This time he comes to China to attend an exhibition and choose a good watch display cabinet supplier. Ricky is from Hong Kong. He is Tues’ designer and purchasing manager. He has decades of manufacturing and design experience in the watch industry. He is a little fat but looks young. Can you believe he is 52 years old? So amazing! Ricky and Tues visited the metal polishing workshop. They thought our workmate is very professional. Next they saw our electronic display stand in assembling workshop. Ricky and Tues were excited to discuss how the products were designed. Then we came to packing department. Tues was satisfied with our packing line. He said, “Your packing line has quick speed, it’s very effective for reducing the production cycle.” They visited testing room and Steven explained to them how jump ball impact tester worked. Tues was very interested in our sample room because there were so many different kinds of display stands. He wanted to take a picture with these prototypes, he said “I love to be your model.” Tues is really very friendly. Finally, we had a happy lunch together. They shared many interesting stories in traveling, food, life and business. Ricky also shared how to stay young when he is already 52 years old. Tues had great confidence in us for this watch cabinet project. But  they are not so sure about the qty because they need discuss with their distributors. So it will take some more time for us to wait their qty. We understand their situation because some other brand owners have the same problem. Anyway, we will try our best to support them.

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  • Story Summary
    Story Summary

    Since 1998, Hicon POP Displays has been a factory who work together in bringing our customers projects into reality. During past 20 years, so many stories happened. Hicon is a display factory growing up with stories. The stories are about our customers, our team, our workers, about our charity career and more. Words we live by, words we live by. Every story is real and helps us grow better and better. Hicon loves to have stories with you. Whenever you need display fixtures, Hicon will tailor them to meet your branding, point of purchase, point of sale, merchandising, display performance, presentation and promotion needs.

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