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  • Custom Sock Display Ideas For Happy Socks
    Custom Sock Display Ideas For Happy Socks

    How to display socks? Displaying your items is easier and more convenient now with a sturdy and trendy socks display rack, the sock stand gives you a low-cost way to display your socks and hosiery merchandise. Besides, a custom sock display stand showcases your socks with your brand logo, which is a nice way to increase brand awareness. Among sock hangers, sock display forms, sock mannequins, custom sock display racks are most attractive. We have worked for Happy Socks, Blue Q, Bonfolk, Thought, and more. Today we will share with you some sock display ideas which we have made for Happy Socks. Happy Socks is a Swedish manufacturer and retailer of socks, underwear, and swimwear. Designed in Sweden and started in 2008, happy socks are now sold worldwide and have developed a reputation for their comfort, unique designs, and craftsmanship. Why are Happy Socks popular? Customers love the Happy Socks product because it's high-quality and delightful. It's simple and unique. And because customers want Happy Socks, retailers want them in their stores. And the Happy Socks display box is also popular. It is the first sock display idea we made for Happy Socks since 2012. Happy Socks display box It is made of MDF with white finishing. It is a square wooden display box with many dividers inside. The base just has vertical dividers, while the top has both horizontal dividers and vertical dividers. Both the top box and the base box can be shown with socks or stored socks. Dozens of socks are available to put into one sock box. It is decorated with metal chains on both sides, and cotton lines in front. The brand logo is in the middle of the top cover. When it is open, the socks are shown to the shoppers; when it is closed, the socks are away from dust. We also made brown color display boxes in the same design. The second Happy socks display idea is a floor sock display. Happy Socks Floor Display It is also made of MDF with veneer white and brown. It is a floor-standing with hooks on both front and back, and so is the screen-printed brand logo Happy Socks. The hooks are detachable, and it is easy to set up. We provide assembling instructions with the display. Happy Socks Tabletop Display Below is a display idea for displaying socks on the tabletop. This sock display stand is the same design as the above floor display, while it is shorter for tabletop merchandising. Double sides, 6 hooks each side, screen printed logo, it keeps socks organized and show their real beauty. Besides, there is another socks display for Happy Socks, which is really nice for Christmas season. How to build your brand socks display? Firstly, we need to know your needs in detail. What kind of style, floor standing or tabletop. What kind of material do you prefer, metal, wood, cardboard? How many socks do you like to display at the same time? Do not worry about it, we will guide you step by step. Secondly, we will make rough drawing and send you 3D rendering and quote to you after understandin...

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